セラミックコーヒーフィルターの魅力/The allure of ceramic coffee filters

coffee 日常/Daily Life


One of the best things I bought this year is the 39arita ceramic coffee filter. I used to brew coffee with paper filters for a long time, but since I switched to the ceramic coffee filter, I haven’t used paper filters at all. By not using paper filters, I not only eliminate the need to discard paper but also save money every time I use the ceramic filter.


I’m sure those reading this article are considering purchasing a ceramic coffee filter, and you wouldn’t want to make a regrettable choice, given that ceramic filters are not inexpensive. I had concerns about whether I would regret switching to a ceramic filter, so I did some research before buying. I purchased the 39arita ceramic filter, and I’m extremely satisfied with it. For your reference, here are the advantages of using a ceramic filter.

  1. 繰り返し使える/Reusable


Ceramic coffee filters are reusable, which makes them environmentally friendly and budget-friendly. Cleaning is also easy—after brewing coffee, simply dispose of the coffee grounds and rinse the filter with water. Occasionally, washing it with hot water according to the instructions will prevent clogging. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and the filter has no cracks. It seems like it will last a long time.

  1. コーヒーの味は美味しいまま/Maintains Coffee Flavor


Coffee brewed using a ceramic coffee filter tastes just as good as paper filters. Before purchasing the filter, I was concerned that changing the filter might negatively affect the taste of my coffee. After using it, I can confirm that the coffee maintains its delicious flavour. Some reviews suggest that coffee filtered through a ceramic filter becomes milder, but I haven’t noticed any significant changes in the taste or mouthfeel. It’s enjoyable to drink.

  1. 簡単にコーヒーが淹れられる/Easy to Use


Using a ceramic coffee filter is straightforward. Place the dedicated dripper on top of your cup, then place the filter on top of it. After that, pour ground coffee into the filter and pour hot water. Once you’re done brewing, discard the coffee grounds and rinse the filter. The steps are slightly different from paper filters, but the process of brewing coffee is simplified because you eliminate the steps of taking out and unfolding paper filters, and throwing them away.



When you search for ceramic coffee filters, you’ll find various options. Among similar products, I chose the 39arita ceramic coffee filter because it holds a patent and reflects a strong commitment to the product and the environment.


I think it’s a perfect item not only for personal use but also as a gift for coffee lovers. If you’re curious, I highly recommend trying the 39arita ceramic coffee filter.

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