トムと生活することが、日常になったんだ/Living with Tom has turned into my everyday life

autumn 日常/Daily Life


I’m so happy that Tom has returned from his three-week overseas business trip! We used to have a long-distance relationship for about three years between Japan and the UK. So, when Tom’s three-week overseas trip was planned, I thought I would be fine. However, once Tom’s overseas trip started, I realized how lonely it was!


The first week was alright because I had planned to stay in Tom’s business trip destination, Los Angeles, for the following week. But when I returned to the UK and had to wait for Tom to come back for the remaining week, it felt lonely.


I think there were various reasons why the relatively short two-week long-distance relationship felt lonely, and it was different from the long-distance relationship we had when I was living in Japan. However, two main reasons made me feel particularly lonely.

1. トムと一緒に生活して2年が経ち、トムがいつも近くにいることが当たり前になった。

1. It has been two years since I started living with Tom and having him always close by has become the norm.


When we were in a long-distance relationship between Japan and the UK, not being able to see each other was the norm. Being able to meet in person was extraordinary. Furthermore, I had never lived with Tom before. It has been several years since I started living with Tom, and spending time together has become my everyday life. Therefore, even for a short period, I think I felt a sense of loneliness as if there was a hole in my life due to Tom’s absence.

2. 数週間だからとたかをくくってコミュニケーションの計画を立てなかった

2. I underestimated the importance of planning our communication during those few weeks.


When we were in a long-distance relationship for three years, we set clear goals for our long-distance relationship in advance. We determined how often we would meet and have video calls. By doing so, we were able to adjust our expectations, move forward toward our goals, and navigate our journey without becoming overly anxious.


However, this time, I underestimated the situation due to the short duration of the business trip and the plan to visit Tom during his trip. I didn’t make plans for catching up through video calls and such, and I believe that’s what led to the feeling of loneliness.


I’m so happy that Tom has returned from his long business trip. This week, we had a relaxing weekday evening together for the first time in a while. We enjoyed a delicious dinner that Tom prepared, which included cod and lentils, and made plans to visit Tom’s family for Christmas. We even played a bit of Mario Kart.


I lost against him. I have two younger brothers, and we used to play video games together a lot when we were kids. So, I have quite a bit of confidence in my gaming skills. However, whenever I play Mario Kart with Tom, I always end up losing by a small margin, and it’s frustrating!


Tom’s return has brought back our everyday life. Through this experience, I realized that a few years ago, living apart was our daily routine, but now, living with Tom has become the norm. While I felt lonely for a few weeks, it was a great opportunity for me to appreciate the ‘ordinary’ of being able to live with Tom.