Audibleで読書が好きになった/Audible has made me love reading

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I have always struggled with reading, but thanks to Audible, I have come to love reading. I have been wanting to continue reading for many years, so this is a great discovery for me and I am really happy about it.


As some of you may know or already use, Audible is a service that allows you to listen to books read by professional narrators on an app. For a monthly membership fee of £7.99, members can listen to more than thousands of titles. The genres range from literature to educational books, and you can also listen to prize-winning books.


I was able to listen to 12 books this year. Of course, the number of books is not everything, but I am happy that I have been able to do what I wanted to do because I have never been able to do it while wanting to continue reading. Also, as I read books, I find myself thinking, “I love this book!” I feel that through Audible, I was able to experience the joy of reading for the first time.


I listen to Audible when my ears are free, such as after dinner, before bed, when I just want to relax for a bit, while taking a bath, or while stretching, etc. When I came back to the UK from Japan in January, I finished listening to a book on the plane. You can download the audio in advance so you can listen to it offline.


I think I enjoy knowing things. That is why I have always wanted to read a lot of books, and every year I have set a New Year’s resolution to read a number of books this year. But I have never achieved my goal. It seems like such a waste, but there are so many books that I bought because I wanted to read them, but they are buried on my bookshelf without being read.


So when I first heard about Audible, I was interested in it, but “I thought that even if I became a member, I would end up not being able to use it to its full potential. In the end, I decided to sign up for a free trial for the first 30 days, and if I couldn’t continue, I would stop.


I wanted to read novels, but I didn’t know where to start, so I decided to start with books that had won the Akutagawa Prize and the Naoki Prize (prestigious prizes for novels in Japan). It may be a naive idea, but I thought that if books had won an award and were highly acclaimed, they should be interesting to listen to.


I had always struggled with reading, so I wanted to start with a series of small successes, so I chose a book with a short playing time at first.


Depending on the book, a short one can be listened to in a few hours. In addition, since you can playback at a faster speed, you can finish listening to a book in a shorter time if you play it at a faster speed. I listen at about 1.7x to 2x. It depends on the narrator, but 1x speed seems a little slow to me.


As you listen to books, you will find authors that you like, and more accurate recommendations will appear, making it easier and more enjoyable to read the next book.


Sometimes, after listening to a book for a while, I find myself unable to concentrate on the story or find it uninteresting. When that happens, I immediately stop listening to that book and move on to the next one.


When you purchase a physical book, you may feel it would be a waste to stop reading halfway through, but with Audible, you can move on to the next book without feeling guilty because it is audio data. As long as the book is eligible for unlimited listening, you can always listen to it again in the future.


If you enjoy knowing things, if you want to read but have been struggling, or if you like to read and want to listen to books when your ears are free, you should give Audible a try. If you don’t like it, you can cancel your membership for free within 30 days of sign-up.


I’m hoping to come to like reading books more and gradually read more physical books as I continue to listen to books on Audible. If you are already using Audible or have started using it after reading this blog entry, please let me know which books are your favorite. Thank you for reading to the end.

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