ブラックフライデーに買ったもの/What I bought on Black Friday

black-friday 日常/Daily Life

ブラックフライデーはいつ?どんなセール?/When is Black Friday? What is it?


Since this year’s Black Friday is on November 26th, many stores are currently on sale this week in the UK. I saw some of them have started the sale on Thursday.


Black Friday originally started on the following Friday of Thanksgiving in the US, which is the fourth Thursday in November. Although people generally do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, you can see Black Friday deals everywhere.


While the UK also has Summer and Winter sales, Boxing Day, a following day of Christmas is one of the biggest sales as well as Black Friday. Although it depends on stores, Boxing Day seems to have greater deals than Black Friday. Since families gather and celebrate Christmas in the UK, the atmosphere is similar to the New Year in Japan. In this sense, the feeling of Boxing Day is similar to the New Year sale in Japan. The discount could be from 20% off to over 50% off on both Black Friday and Boxing Day.

ブラックフライデーに買ったもの/What I bought on Black Friday


I bought a monthly SIM card on Black Friday. When I moved to the UK, Tom advised that I should wait to buy a monthly SIM card until Black Friday. Until then, I had been using a pay-as-you-go SIM card.


When I went to a mobile phone shop to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM card, the staff tried to sell me a monthly one very hard. But I didn’t give in. He was very determined to sell me a contract one and kept telling me that I was wasting money and the sales would not come. I tried not to listen to him and kept saying that I would not buy a monthly one but a pay-as-you-go SIM card (monthly SIMs are now on sale!!).


I could successfully buy a monthly SIM card on Black Friday which is £4 cheaper than my current pay-as-you-go SIM. It means I will save £48 a year! According to Tom, there could be a better deal on the next Black Friday. Therefore buying a one year contract is recommended instead of a two year one. Since Tom works for finance, knows about money, and makes the right decisions about it, I followed his advice and bought a one-year one.


Buying a £4 cheaper SIM per month means, I can save £48 in a year, and £480 in ten years. I’m happy that I can cut the monthly fixed cost.

セールに対する考え/My thoughs on sales


Since many stores are on sale on Black Friday, I feel I could easily waste money on unnecessary things. Also, some people say sales are not sustainable because they urge people to consume more. In my opinion, if we predetermine what we want and need, we could utilize sales and buy necessary things at a lower price.


We could change the way of sales by intentionally buying the necessary things and things we originally wanted. I am pretty satisfied with my shopping on Black Friday.


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